Grain Bins And Augers Safety In Oregon

The auger is the mechanism found inside a grain bin used to unload the grain. Entering a bin while the auger works is extremely dangerous. As this device unloads the bin, the grain from above is poured in as the grain at the bottom is emptied. A worker who stands on the flowing grain can easily be caught and sink into the grain. The consequences can be devastating.

It is a proven fact that grain bin augers Oregon present serious amputation and entanglement hazards. When the workers do not follow the most important safety precautions and rules of operation, they are prone to serious injuries or even death. There are four main types of augers: sweep, reclaim, stirring and fill augers.

A sweep auger is a horizontal piece of equipment that rotates around the opening to sweep the remaining grain toward it. This type of auger is extremely dangerous because it works with many adjacent moving parts. If the sweep auger is working, workers should stay away from entering the grain bin. Conversely, the fill auger is the safest type of augers present in a grain bin. A permanent fill auger is usually guarded by safety shields, so it presents no safety hazards whatsoever.

A stirring auger is mainly used to turn over the grain from inside the bin in order to shorten drying time. This type of auger is completely unguarded, so workers need to pay extra attention when entering the bin because they can easily be entangled by this mechanism. Lastly, a reclaim auger is the most common type of auger used to empty a grain bin. If left uncovered, a reclaim bin can entangle a worker’s foot. The result is more than often amputation of the affected member or members.

One of the most widely known manufacturers of augers Oregon is Leon James Construction Co. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, this company is known for its top-quality feed and seed processing equipment and grain storage and processing tools. Moreover, they provide top quality augers and grain bins to cover a wide variety of equipment needs.

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