Top Tips for Maintaining Sod in Wichita KS

Regular and proper maintenance is needed for the proper growth of Sod in Wichita KS. This will help achieve a healthy and attractive lawn down the line. Even the best sod installation is useless without proper care and maintenance. It is therefore important that you pay special attention to watering, mowing and feeding. Other important jobs include pest control, weeding and disease prevention to ensure a great and healthy lawn down the line.

The first important tip for new Sod in Wichita KS has to do with watering. During the first week, the sod should be watered three times daily. Ideally this should be done once early in the morning, once just before midday and once in the evening. The sod should be then watered twice a day for the second week, and once every day during the third and fourth week. The sod should then be watered once every three days after the first month of installation. You should also not water the sod during rainy days or where rain is anticipated.

Next, the new sod should be fertilized using a product suggested and approved by your Sod in Wichita KS supplier. This is usually 27 percent nitrogen, 5 percent phosphorous and 4 percent potassium. This should ideally be done during the warmer months for the best result. The time of year will determine the type of fertilizer to be used. During spring and fall for example, the suggested fertilizer is usually 15 percent nitrogen, 15 percent phosphorus and 15 percent potassium. The fertilizer should be applied at least one month after the sod has been installed. It is a good idea to talk to an expert to find out which fertilizer is appropriate for the time of month.

Finally, get rid of any weeds that may be present in your Sod in Wichita KS. A chemical weed killer suggested by your sod supplier is a good way to get rid of weeds. Alternatively, you can choose to do so manually. An expert will also be able to advice you on the appropriate chemicals to use depending on whether the weeds are just beginning to germinate or those that have already germinated. It is important that you deal with sod expert to ensure that you get the result that you hoped for.

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