Guide to Cremation Services in San Diego CA

Californians are increasingly choosing cremation for the disposition of their final remains. Funeral homes and crematoriums are available to help individuals pre-plan for their Cremation Services in San Diego CA. But what is cremation and why are nearly two-thirds of Californians opting for cremation?

What is Cremation?

Simply put, the dictionary defines cremation as the process of reducing a body to ashes. The process involves burning a deceased body at extremely high temperatures until it is reduced to particles. After this, the particles are crushed resulting in cremated remains. Generally, people refer to those particles as ashes even though they are not.

Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation has been a method of disposition dating back to ancient times. Individuals can choose cremation for a myriad of reasons. Regardless of intentions, each choice is very personal to individuals and their families. Several significant factors driving these decisions are discussed below.


Funeral services with a traditional burial can easily cost two to three times what Cremation Services in San Diego CA will cost. Individuals would simply rather their remaining loved ones to keep those funds rather than spending them on a traditional burial.


The world is much bigger than it once was. Families and friends are spread out across the country and globe. Cremation affords families flexibility as to when to hold a memorial service for their deceased loved ones. With a traditional burial, services need to be held quite quickly, and it may be difficult for those arrangements to be made on that timetable. Cremation also allows families to be a bit more personal in what they do with the cremated remains. They can choose to scatter them in a special place or keep them in their home for a feeling of comfort.

Environmental Concerns

Traditional burial involves using up space in the ground that could be put to alternate use. Additionally, many chemicals are used in the embalming process and in the lacquer on the coffin itself. Cremation would involve some carbon emissions but is considered to be a much more “green” alternative to traditional burial.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the reason for choosing cremation, trends are for cremation to continue to rise in California. Nearly two-thirds are currently choosing cremation, and experts estimate that will increase to over three-fourths in the next decade.

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