What to Expect for Cremation Costs in San Diego, CA

Americans are becoming increasingly secular and are looking for ways to make the expenses associated with a loved one passing away more affordable. Due to this, cremation has become a more viable option. Keep in mind that complete funeral services can cost up to $10,000 for a pretty basic service. It makes sense to go with a direct cremation since the Cremation Costs in San Diego CA can be as little as $699.00. That is for a simple cremation. There are always going to be taxes and fees that apply based on the state and add-ons. Here is what is involved.

Conference & Documentation

The director and staff will hold an initial conference with the party of the deceased loved one and fill out the necessary paperwork associated with the cremation. This will include an itemized statement of the arrangements they will provide. This is when certified copies of death certificates can be requested. There will be complete transparency of all components each step of the way.

Transportation of Remains

Sometimes, families will hold a ceremony at a funeral home or church and then have the remains transported to a local crematorium. Costs can vary based on the funeral home or provider of transportation. It is worth bringing this up with the director or staff to see that the price will be manageable. They may be able to make a recommendation for affordable transportation.

Container or Urn

There are very basic keepsake urns and containers for families to consider. An urn is the most common. A keepsake urn comes in a smaller size, they are great for storing a smaller amount of ashes. When families opt to scatter a portion of their loved one’s ashes and then keep a small portion of remains, go with this vessel. There is also a companion urn that allows two people’s remains to be stored together. So, for those couples who want to remains to stay together for eternity, this is an option. They are twice the size of a standard urn and come with single or double compartments.

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