Hiring a Lock Installation Service in Suffolk County NY for Improved Residential Security

Many people do not feel secure unless they keep all doors and windows locked when they are not home, and perhaps even when they are at home. Especially at night, residents want to be sure nobody can easily get in through an unlocked door or window while everyone is sleeping. A Lock Installation Service in Suffolk County NY helps customers accomplish these goals.

Boosting Security With Locks

Rekeying and replacing old locks is one way to boost security. Installing locking devices on windows that do not currently have any is another important step. When homeowners hesitate to spend extra money on better security, they might consider an equation known as the ten-percent rule. That equation says it’s okay to spend up to ten percent of the value of belongings to be protected when improving security measures. Those measures not only include Lock Installation Service in Suffolk County NY, but devices like motion lights and safes.

Lighting While Away

Discreet lighting while a property owner is on vacation or away on business also keeps burglars away. People used to set up mechanical timers connected to lamps and TV sets so the equipment would turn on and off at slightly variable times. Now, it’s more common for households to use smart devices, but the principle is the same. The main error men and women make when doing timers is to have lamps turning on and off more frequently than usual, which actually is a signal to burglars that the lights are on a timer.

Garage Considerations

Some doors around the property may not be viewed as all that important for security, but this is a misconception. For instance, many homeowners don’t bother to lock the door that leads to the garage from the house. They figure nobody can break into the garage. However, burglars break into many houses every year using this strategy, knowing how many men and women leave that particular door unlocked.

Hiring a reputable locksmith company like Able Lock Shop is important to make sure all new security devices are high-quality and very effective. Details on this particular locksmith service can be seen at Ablelockshop.com. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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