Signs it is Time for Dental Fillings in Indianapolis, IN

While brushing and flossing daily and avoiding sugary foods are great ways to prevent oral health issues, there’s no guarantee that tooth decay won’t occur. At some point, most people will find they need dental fillings in Indianapolis IN. A dental filling helps to restore a damaged tooth and prevent additional decay from occurring.

Even though fillings are beneficial, some people don’t know when they are needed. Keep reading to find out when dental fillings are necessary.

A Toothache

One of the first indications dental fillings in Indianapolis IN are needed is if a person begins to experience tooth pain. Also, if the individual begins to have a sensitivity to sweet foods, pressure, or some temperatures, it’s another sign a filling may be needed. When throbbing or sudden pain occurs when chewing or biting, it may also be a sign that a dental filling is needed.

Visible Signs of Tooth Damage

In some situations, there will be visible signs that a filling is needed. Some of these symptoms include dark spots on the teeth, a lost or broken filling, a broken, chipped, or rough tooth, or if floss tears in some areas. Also, if a person notices that food gets stuck between specific teeth, or if there is a hole in a tooth, a filling is necessary.

Fractured Teeth

Cavities are the top reason a person needs a tooth filling. However, beyond that issue, fractured teeth may be able to be repaired using white composite material. In both situations, the fillings slow down or they help to prevent additional tooth decay and damage.

Tooth Crazing

In some situations, craze lines are going to appear on the teeth. These are vertical lines or even cracks in a tooth that result from stress. A tooth-colored filling material can be used to restore the look of a tooth.

If someone believes they need a dental filling, they should set up an appointment with their dentist. This professional can provide a thorough evaluation and checkup to determine if this oral health treatment is necessary. Additional information about when dental fillings are needed can be found by taking the time to browse our website.

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