Home is Where the Hearth is

For centuries the hearth has been seen as a symbol of the home. Although now you may find them in every place from home, to an office, to a hotel. The general consensus seems to be that a warm hearth in front of a toasty fireplace is comforting, and hearths in Muskegon, MI are no different.

There are Several Kinds

Fireplaces have been designed to use a variety of fuel sources. From traditional wood or gas to alternative sources like pellets, corn or coal, each has a unique design that allows it to produce heat efficiently. The type of hearths in Muskegon MI will vary based on the fireplace they go with.

A traditional wood burning fireplace may have the hearth built to extend in front of the fireplace, allowing for seating when careful. With a wood stove, however, the word hearth may refer instead to the block the wood stove will sit on. Other types of fireplaces are often designed to replicate one of these two styles, so the choice of hearth may be dependent on the type of fireplace.

In a Variety of Styles

A hearth can also come in a variety of styles no matter what type of fireplace they’re designed to go with. Whether it’s traditional masonry or slab stone work, to smooth carefully laid tile. Some may even choose to go with brick, pavers, or a single concrete slab. No matter what the style of the fireplace or personal tastes of the owner, there are a variety of options to help complete the look.

When looking for Hearths in Muskegon MI, you can feel confident in knowing that no matter what style and type you’re looking for, there are a variety of options available. Whether it’s a slab to sit on, bricks to a frame, or a pedestal style for a stove, the right hearth can be the finishing piece that brings in the perfect touch of home. Click here for more information.

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