The Elegance and Security of Residential Iron Doors


When you approach a home what is the first thing you notice? For many people, it is the front door. Adding a residential iron door to the front of your home adds a feeling of elegance and sophistication. The beautiful, hand forged scrolls are something to be admired while a variety of glass options allow you to add brightness to your home and still maintain your privacy.

Wrought Iron Security Doors

Not only are iron doors beautiful, but they also provide security to your home. Whether you are concerned about hurricanes or home intruders, iron doors can handle the challenge. They are rated to protect against two-thousand pounds of pressure from the wind, water, or intruder. The door itself has added insulation to reduce noise and increase energy efficiency. An insertable door shoe keeps dust and moisture out, and the entire door is coated with a special zinc primer which eliminates the threat of rust. No matter what the source of the threat is, iron doors will keep your family safe.

Rod Iron vs Wrought Iron

Although commonly referred to as “rod iron”, this is an incorrect term. “Rod iron” is a type of metal used years ago to produce nails. Residential “rod iron doors” do not exist. The correct term is “wrought iron” which literally means “worked iron”. This is the method used to produce real iron doors today. The scroll work on iron doors is done using 5/8″ iron that has been hand forged and shaped, so no two doors are exactly alike. There are many designs that are commonly used, but because of the way they are made, custom designs are easy to incorporate.

Residential iron doors add elegance and security to your home. Not only do they make a lasting impression, but they also do a great job of keeping your family safe, your home inviting, and your power bill affordable. Visit the website for more information.

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