How Can I Use Storage Facilities in Louisville?

How Can I Use Storage Facilities in Louisville?

Storage facilities can be very helpful for keeping either your commercial or personal items. However, if you don’t use a storage strategy that works, you may find that your valuable items are ruined. Below are several tips that help you make good use of storage options located in the greater Louisville area.

Commercial Storage

You can easily store large items for your commercial business in storage facilities. Louisville storage providers advise that you keep your highly important equipment such as electronic equipment and computers in secure boxes, packed safely. Also, pack photos, paperwork, and other archival documents in boxes that are nearly the same size, which will allow you to simply stack them in storage. You may also flip office furniture on end in a vertical position to help you save space in your storage area. Office Items that are frequently used should be kept near the front portion of your vault and less frequently used items in the rear portion of the vault.

Residential Storage

If you intend to store home appliances in a facility, be sure to dry appliances thoroughly, such as refrigerators and freezers, and place them in storage with the doors left slightly open. You can also place some items inside of refrigerators and freezers in order to save space. As well, you can stack boxes on top of large appliances, helping to further conserve space. Make sure you also clean any cooking or kitchen equipment before you place it in storage.

Storage facilities in the Louisville area are also be used to store metal items such as bicycles or other metal items you would typically find in a garage. You should clean all surfaces before placing them into storage. Also, if you pack books for storage, lay them down flat to protect their spines. As well, don’t lay them down onto a concrete surface – place them on another surface instead to help prevent moisture from affecting the pages of the books.

Other Storage Advice

If you are storing dishes or glassware, place packing at the top and bottom of the container holding these items. It’s advisable to store dishes in a dish pack box. Wrap glass items individually, including stand plates, platters, saucers, nest cups and bowls, and place these glass items close to the top of your storage cartons.

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