How Disability Lawyers Can Help

It is bad enough suffering with a disability, it can be even worse when disability benefits would be your sole source of income and your application has been denied. The sad truth is, this happens more often than not but being denied does not mean that you still can’t get disability benefits. So many applicants are of the opinion that denial is the end of the line and they abandon their claim. This is a mistake, a big mistake; you are granted the right to appeal the decision. It doesn’t get any easier; your best chance for a successful appeal lies in the capable hands of disability lawyers in Gloucester.

Filing the claim:

At some point in the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits about 90 percent of applicants will turn to a disability lawyer. Knowing that tow thirds of all applications are denied, it is no wonder that legal assistance is so important. The entire process is complicated; often this is made worse as the applicant is focused more on his or her situation than the details of the application. If you retain disability lawyers in Gloucester at the outset there is a better chance of success, but, like everything else, there are no guarantees of approval.

Appealing a denial of benefits:

Even with legal help a large percentage of initial claims are denied. When this happens your lawyer will immediately file a written request for reconsideration. Your initial application is reviewed by an examiner other than the one that denied your claim. The new examiner will take into account any additional medical related information that you have received in the meantime.

If this step results in failure your attorney will request a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. This is a chance for you, your lawyers and the judge to engage in active dialogue, asking and answering questions that support your case. If your lawyers consider it to be helpful, they will bring along expert vocational and medical witnesses.

There is absolutely no need for you to go it alone. If your claim for benefits was denied and you are heading to appeals, by all means contact disability lawyers in Gloucester.

If you are looking for seasoned disability lawyers in Gloucester you are invited to discuss your case in detail by contacting Elizabeth Patterson and also visit our Twitter page.

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