How Multifunction Fax Machines In Madison, WI Can Streamline Workflows

One of the most significant inventions to revolutionize the workflow of the office environment is the multifunction machine, as it provides full-service office machine capabilities in one small, easy-to-use package. Larger commercial devices offer the same abilities, but do so at a much higher price and can be as much as ten times the size and weight of a more portable option. Here are just three reasons to provide each employee in an office with Multifunction Fax Machines in Madison WI and how doing so can streamline day-to-day tasks.

Single Button Scanning

Many times, an employee needs to scan an item to themselves or another employee, and scanning documents manually can require several steps and more than five minutes to complete. Multifunction Fax Machines in Madison WI simplify the process by allowing information to be scanned to an employee with the press of a button. This helps reduce the time it takes to send critical information and will enable employees to remain as productive as possible.

Quality Copies

Running back and forth to a copier may not seem like a big deal, but repeated trips can quickly add up and consume as much as 30 minutes of an employee’s workday. A multifunction machine makes quick work of small copy jobs and can fit directly on an employee’s desk, which reduces wasted time. Most devices also produce high-quality copies that are easy to read and have minimal blurring.

Digital Fax Capabilities

Many companies have done away with traditional hard-wired fax machines and, instead, choose to use a digital service for their faxing needs. While it streamlines the job of distributing faxes, it can make sending them more complicated. A multifunction machine can be programmed to work with a digital fax service and allow employees to fax documents right from their desk in a matter of minutes.

Managers who are looking to streamline their offices should consider incorporating multifunction machines into their workflow. The team at Rhyme Business Solutions offers a wide array of quality devices at affordable prices. Request service on an existing device or learn more about the various models available and take the first step in making any office more streamlined.

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