Warning Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Winter Haven, FL

When it comes to evaluating your air conditioning unit, let comfort be your guide. The great news is that not every air conditioning malfunction spells out impending doom. Learn when you can implement a DIY solution and when it might be time to call on an expert in air conditioning repair in Winter Haven, FL.

My Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On – In many such cases, the power isn’t reaching your AC unit or your thermostat isn’t set correctly. Check the circuit breaker, make sure your battery is fresh, and set your system to “cool” for an easy fix.

I Don’t Feel as Comfortable as I Did Last Year – If you aren’t feeling comfortable, the issue can usually be traced to an issue with airflow. Try changing the filter and making sure there are no obstructions to your home’s cold air registers and returns.

My Utility Bills Are Higher Than Usual – Spikes in operating costs are a telltale sign of inefficient operation. The culprit could be a condensing coil. To ensure that your system is in good working order, always call your local air conditioning repair company for a spring tune-up.

I Am Noticing Strange Noises – Do you hear a ticking, buzzing, or rattling when your AC starts up or operates? This could be due to a bent fan blade or a blown motor. If you’re not comfortable with repairing or replacing these components yourself, contact your local air conditioning repair company for assistance.

If you’ve noticed any changes in the way that your AC unit is performing, it may be time to consider air conditioning solutions and replacements. Don’t wait until the hottest day of the summer to discover that you need professional air conditioning help. Contact Affordable Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. today for a quality inspection and expert advice on how to stay cool this summer.

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