How To Apply For Disability Benefits In Halifax

In Virginia, Social Security Disability programs help disabled children and adults acquire financial support through the government. SSDI is provided to former workers who developed a disability and can no longer work. SSI is awarded to disabled individuals who have never worked. An attorney explains how to apply for disability benefits in Halifax.

Start with the Application

The claimant starts with the disability application. The claimant completes the application and sends it to their regional Social Security Administration office. A caseworker is assigned to the claim and collects all information about the claimant’s condition.

Attend All Appointments

The caseworker sets up an appointment for the claimant to complete an interview. During the interview, the caseworker ensures that all information provided is factual and conclusive. Any additional details required for the claim are collected.

Once the application is reviewed, the SSA schedules appointments with a general medicine doctor and a psychologist. The doctors report their findings to the SSA, and the claim is accepted or denied according to local Social Security Disability laws.

Meet with the Caseworker

Once the claim is approved, the claimant receives a letter explaining the payment structure for their disability benefits. It is necessary for the claimant to meet with their caseworker and provide information about their banking or saving accounts. Any back-pay is sent to the bank account within a few days of the appointment.

Start a Legal Claim

If the claim is denied, the claimant has the right to appeal the denial or file a formal lawsuit. Neither option guarantees that the claim will be approved for disability benefits. However, if a lawsuit is filed, the court makes the final decision based on the evidence presented. Any back-pay that is required for the claimant is paid in a lump sum settlement and starts on the date when they were diagnosed with the condition.

In Virginia, Social Security Disability is available to all parties who are disabled and cannot work. The programs offer a monthly payment that covers the cost of living for the claimants. Individuals who need to learn more about applying for disability benefits in Halifax, contact Cunningham Law Group right now.

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