Methods Used in Bed Bugs Control

Bedbugs are among the most annoying pests because they literally bite and feed on human blood. They are mostly found in the furniture and normally shelter together. If you go to sleep then wake up with itchy rashes, and this goes on for several days, you should try and figure out what the cause might be. In some cases, it might be a bed bug infestation and to deal with them you will need to use one the most common Bed Bugs Control methods stated below.

Use of heat

The use of heat to control bedbug infestation is more effective when clothes or fabrics have been infested. You are advised to wash the clothes in a washing machine and dry them in high temperature of about 122 degrees. Doing this ensures that all stages of the bedbugs are eliminated.

Use of cold

With certain objects like toys, they can be frozen below 0 degrees. This ensures that all the bedbug stages are totally eliminated. It is also believed that if you put your infested furniture outside during extreme winters, it might help eliminate some of the bedbugs.

Using encasements

This method involves the use of a fabric to cover an infested box spring or mattress to keep the bedbugs from spreading. For instance, one can use an encasement to completely cover a bedbug infested mattress so as to avoid them from biting and disturbing at night. This method is only effective if the encasement is not worn out. Encasements can be bought in most pest control outlets.

Using bedbug interceptors

Bed bug interceptors are small plastic trays which consist of an inner and outer ring. They are normally placed under the bed legs. This way, the bed bugs trying to climb on the bed are trapped on the outer ring’s well and those trying to climb down from the bed are trapped on the inner ring’s well. This is also a fine method of determining whether there is any bedbug’s infestation.

Use of insecticides

Many people opt to go for insecticides because they are said to be more effective. However, you are advised to ask for directions from a pest exterminator and carefully read the instructions.

Those are some of the methods that you can use to control bed bugs. For effective and affordable Bed Bugs Control, look no further than Bates Exterminating. They offer professional extermination services. For more information, visit the website.


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