How To Buy From A Wine Shop

Summer is the time of year when people invite friends over for food, drinks, and fun. However, if there’s a foodie in the group, it’s important to be discerning when choosing the right wine for a party. Below are several tips for selecting a great bottle of wine.

Form a Relationship With a Sommelier or Wine Seller

If someone is new to the wine-buying process, working with a seller or a sommelier can be a big benefit. Finding a trusted Wine Shop doesn’t always mean going to the store closest to home. It involves finding a couple of places that always offer great recommendations and trustworthy advice.

Attend Wine Tastings

On the weekends, most high-quality wine stores offer tastings for a couple of hours in the afternoons. These tastings can be very fun, and they are a great way to determine one’s tastes and to find something new.

Find a Few Good Wine Importers

The back label of an imported wine will offer information as to who the importer is. All quality importers have a portfolio style that may not always be to everyone’s taste. Some of the best importers include Kermit Lynch, Neal Rosenthal, and Louis/Dressner.

Don’t Equate Price With Quality

While it is true that one typically gets what they pay for, and it’s hard to find a good wine for less than $10, it is not always true that a wine lover has to spend a lot of money to get a great bottle of wine. There’s a lot of good wine out there for under $25, and much of it is available at a local Wine Shop. Buyers should keep in mind that expensive wines are meant to be kept in a cellar for several years before consumption, which means a new bottle may not have reached its full taste potential.

Don’t be Tricked by a Flashy Label

The appearance of the wine’s label has nothing to do with the taste of the wine itself. Some vintners are so busy making delicious wines they don’t give much thought to the way the label looks. While the occasional bottle has a great label and great contents, in most cases, a flashy label simply disguises a poor-quality product. Visit for help and advice on choosing a great bottle of wine. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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