How To Buy The Right Utility Battery In Wisconsin

While many types of equipment use specialized batteries, there are other types of equipment that are used in industrial, commercial and even residential applications that use a general type of battery.

In Wisconsin, as well as throughout the country, these utility battery options are typically used in smaller motorized carts, small lawn equipment, trucks and even some types of power equipment and applications.

As the name implies, they are a utility or multi-function type of battery. They have the ability to be mounted in standard battery boxes and provide the power and cranking ability needed to start and run many different types of equipment that use the specific battery type.

When selecting a utility battery, there are a few key factors to consider. Knowing what equipment, you want to use the battery with will be an essential first step, as this will allow you to choose the correct voltage for the battery.

Size and Design of the Battery

While most utility battery designs will be similar and met to be fit in all universal types of battery boxes, not all equipment is set up to use a universal battery. Some Original Equipment Manufacturers may configure the system for post locations on the side while others may be on the top.

Most universal batteries will have the same height, width, and length, it is still important to measure the existing battery or look up the battery information, and they buy a replacement that is of the same dimensions.

There are loads of batteries that have a known brand name and a solid reputation for performance. Consider the maintenance requirements for the battery and how it is designed. Batteries today offer several features to limit corrosion and to enhance performance, particularly for cold starting, which is always important in Wisconsin winters.

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