Online Bookkeeping Services Vs. In-House Accounting

Many companies today have in-house accountants, and some have accounting departments to take care of payroll, issue financial statements, pay vendors and collect money from other companies. They may also perform a number of other duties. However, some of these businesses can greatly increase their efficiency and cut costs by going to online bookkeeping services. Let’s compare in-house to online services to see if online accounting is right for you.

In-House Accounting

An in-house accountant is hired by a company and becomes one of the employees. This person may need orientation and training in order to perform all of his or her tasks. Training may take some time, and ongoing training may be needed in some cases.

Since in-house accountants are employees, you must make sure they have worker compensation benefits and healthcare insurance. They may be entitled to benefits like sick pay and vacation pay too. If an employee has to be absent for a long period of time, you may need to find a temporary replacement.

Online Bookkeeping Services

An online service is outsourced. This means you hire the services and not the people. In fact, they are not located in your office. However, it’s easy to contact your accounting service by email, telephone, or online chat system.

Online accountants can perform all of the same tasks that in-house people do. They can log in to your system and access records, generate reports, and take care of all your payroll and tax issues from a remote location.

Which is Best?

Online bookkeeping services are the most cost-effective services for taking care of many of your office needs. Because they work remotely, there is no need to travel back and forth from your facility. Some work in countries with lower standards of living and they can afford to charge less for their services.

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