How to Choose the Best Copier for Your Organization

As your CFO agrees that a new office copier should be purchased soon, choosing the best for your specific circumstances is not an easy task unless you know everything about every model available in the marketplace. By turning to professionals, they can listen to your requirements and suggest the best for your office. Whether that means Canon copiers in Napa or a significant rival, your concerns should be about print speed, volume, and graphic capabilities.

Moving into The Digital World

Understanding the differences between analog and digital copiers is virtually an extinct conversation because purchasing Canon copiers in Napa will introduce you to digital models with the ability to purchase a stand-alone copier or a multifunction copier that can also scan, copy, print and fax.

When you meet with professional copier experts, you will be able to explain your exact requirements so they can select several copiers that will meet your needs, considering your expected growth in the next year or two.

They will need to know your expected output and whether one model will be sufficient for your entire office set up or whether you need to choose smaller models and have them located on and around your premises.

Digital copiers can print at speeds that are as much as 200% more than traditional copiers, but you may not require the fastest printer when your requirements are far lower. It may be more important that you choose a model that has a reduced warm-up period, before the first page prints.

Within a range of Canon copiers in Napa and other brands, your experts will need to know the capabilities required from the copier because this will affect the type and size of the machine as well as the size of the tray (or cassette) that holds the spare paper.

When you know how you expect to use your printers, you might require a copier with a high-grade graphic capability if you are going to be regularly printing in color and with high-resolution graphics required. The most important aspect is to take professional advice to purchase the copier that most closely suits your requirements.

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