How to Choose the Best Taekwondo Gear

Any martial artist knows the importance of using the right gear, including shoes, uniforms, and chest guards. It is especially important in taekwondo where the risk of injury is increased with improper equipment. But there are many counterfeits floating around online and sub-par quality gear being sold. This is not only a rip-off but using inadequate gear can affect the martial artist’s performance and potentially cause injury. Here are a few ways to ensure you are getting the best taekwondo gear from online retailers:

1. Trusted By Professionals

Any piece of gear or equipment that is used by professionals is sure to be trustworthy. Otomix, for example, are established manufactures of many types of martial arts equipment and are used by both amateurs and professionals. This seal of approval shows that you are getting the best possible gear.

2. Certified Gear says that it is important to choose chest guards and other taekwondo gear that are approved by the WTF or whichever organization oversees the tournaments you enter. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and others. They also suggest guards with ties rather than Velcro to allow for easy adjustment, as wearing gear that doesn’t fit properly can be dangerous.

3. Avoid Counterfeits

Buying counterfeits not only impacts the economy but could result in injury from using uncertified and unsafe gear. It can be hard to spot counterfeits, especially when buying online, but some things to look out for are the packaging they come in, retailers that sell excessively large amounts of stock, poor stitching, or printed tags. It is always best to buy from a trusted retailer in order to avoid counterfeits and support the sportswear industry.

Choosing taekwondo equipment that is certified and trusted by professionals and avoiding counterfeits will ensure that you are equipped in the best and safest gear that will take you to the next level in taekwondo.

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