How To Emotionally Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery In Chicago

Preparing for breast reduction surgery involves more than just ensuring you have enough gauze and painkillers on hand. There is a huge emotional component to having this type of procedure performed that many people simply aren’t ready for or don’t expect following surgery. Being prepared for the emotional effect will go a long way to help you recover afterwards. Here are a few tips on how to emotionally prepare for breast reduction surgery in Chicago.

Have A Support Team On Standby

Discuss any worries or fears that you may have about returning home after the procedure with friends and family. Let them know that the surgery itself, as well as the anesthesia and any postoperative follow up care, may cause you to feel depressed or anxious. While these feelings are temporary, and will fade as you begin to heal from the procedure, they can be disruptive and scary if you are dealing with them alone. Telling your family and friends what to expect ahead of time can help them be better equipped to help you when you need it most.

Stock Up On Supplies

Be sure that there is enough of everything you may need readily available in your home. Once you come home after the reduction, you may not want to leave the house for a few days in order to physically heal. Having all of your supplies on hand can go a long way to making you feel less helpless, which will improve your mood overall. When shopping for supplies, keep in mind any physical limitations and be sure that you shop for food accordingly. Ensuring that are still maintaining a balanced diet is a good way to help even out your mood.

Talk With Your Surgeon

Talk to your surgeon about what you can realistically expect to feel, both emotionally and physically, following the procedure. It often takes a few weeks of recovery before you begin to feel your usual self, and it’s important to fully understand what may happen to your body in this time.

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