The Relationship between Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease

Did you know that 30% of pregnant women suffer from periodontal disease? During its initial stages, periodontal portrays itself as gingivitis. One of the main characteristics is inflammation of the soft tissue that supports the teeth. An oral bacterium called gram negative anaerobic bacteria combines with the high number of hormones that are normally present during pregnancy to cause redness, pain, bleeding, and increased sensitivity.

If you do not get treatment for periodontal disease, pockets form around your teeth. The pockets become a breeding ground for infections which makes them deeper. Pockets are the separation created between the teeth and the supporting structure.  If the separation is not treated, the gap widens and the affected teeth eventually fall.

Consequences of Periodontal in Pregnancy

   * Preterm birth
   * Low birth weight
   * Miscarriages
   * Preeclampsia
   * Poor obstetrical outcomes
   * Pregnancy loss

How Poor Obstetrical Relates to Periodontal Disease

   * The toxins and oral bacterium present in periodontal disease cause inflammatory factors to increase in the maternal blood. The increase in the factors leads to an increase in substances that are responsible for stimulating the uterus to contract.

   * The oral bacteria from the mouth reach the placental membranes via the blood stream to cause damage and inflammation leading to labor

   * Pregnant ladies who have a high number of the oral bacteria release antibodies to fight the bacteria. The antibodies have been found to lead to low birth weight and preterm birth infants. To prove their harmful effect, the antibodies have been found in the baby cord and amniotic fluid of low birth weight or preterm infants.

Periodontal disease in Cary, IL is treatable and no one has to go through the adverse effects of the disease. Our trained dentists at Cary Dental Associates LLC know exactly how to diagnose, treat and ways of preventing periodontal disease. You can trust your oral health needs to them. Talk to us today and we will be happy to help you.

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