How to Get Back Pain Relief in Sommerville Without Medication

You hurt your back. You went to your doctor. After a few x-rays, the doctor determines the muscle needs to heal. The only option or treatment is the use of pain medications. Yet, these medications, some of which are addictive, can cause a number of side effects. They are chemical based and do not work well for many people. If you are frustrated with this limited care, consider an alternative to back pain relief in Somerville.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

One of the best ways to improve the pain you have is through chiropractic care. For back pain relief in Somerville, your chiropractor provides a full examination. He or she can then determine what the underlying cause of your pain is. Unlike a medical doctor, he or she can focus on treating this cause of pain rather than just treating the pain.

How Is Back Pain Treatment Possible?

Treating back pain through chiropractic care is very effective because it addresses the cause of your pain. Your chiropractor applies a customized treatment plan for you. This may involve massage therapy to stimulate blood flow to the area. It may also include treatment using manipulation, a process of applying a small amount of force to the spinal column to better align it. This helps reduce the pain associated with pinched or inflamed nerves. Spinal decompression can help in other situations, such as when there is pain in the lower back.

All of this works to reduce your pain and fix the underlying cause of it. When you need back pain relief in Somerville, and you want a treatment capable of solving the pain for good, turn to a chiropractor. The holistic care provided can help you to feel better while also aiding in reducing your injury.

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