4 Things to Consider Before You Buy Lead Ingots

The need for lead ingots in industries often results in buyers shopping around online for the quantities and the options in materials required for a job. Often companies in the plumbing and roofing industries are constantly searching for quality ingots, but simply buying any lead products online is not cost effective.

There is a lot of inferior quality lead offered through supplier websites and even through online auctions. Taking the time to consider four different factors before making a purchase of lead ingots is essential to ensure quality, pricing, purity, and delivery.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

Take a close look at the manufacturer and the reputation of the company. Some of the suppliers online are metal supply companies, which means they work with multiple suppliers. Often these metal distribution or industrial supply companies use multiple vendors, which means there can be a variation in quality and purity, making it challenging to work with the material on the job.

Purity of the Product

The company selling the lead ingots should be able to provide information on their standard and pure lead products. The best manufacturers offer a 99.7 and a 99.9% pure lead option. This percentage of lead is maintained across all ingots produced, allowing for consistency and quality with each order.

Speed of Turnaround and Delivery

Look for a company with a focus on quick turnaround times for orders. This means having a large on-hand inventory of standard alloy ingots and the option to constantly maintain the inventory.

Often metal distribution centers have very limited on-hand stock, which means delays in ordering from the manufacturer and then getting the product out to the customer.


It is worth the time to compare pricing for ingots by different lead manufacturers. However, keep in mind that quality and purity is essential, and pricing should never be considered without comparing the other two factors and the delivery options.

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