How to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Let’s face it – everything is expensive these days. It makes sense to look for ways to save money anywhere you can, including homeowners insurance in St. Augustine area. The good news is there are several ways you can lower your premium and keep more money in your pocket. Here are just a few ideas.

Bundle it
Many companies offer discounts if you bundle your insurance policies. If you have a car, boat, or recreational vehicle and a home, you can save money by using one company for all your needs. Be careful here, though. Don’t buy from a certain company just because they’re giving you a discount. Make sure you’re getting the coverage you need.

Invest in an alarm system
Insurance companies lower rates for people who have alarm systems for their cars and homes. It doesn’t have to be the most state-of-the-art system, so long as it can protect your home and car from would-be thieves. There are many different systems available on the market today and you’re sure to find one that will suit your budget.

Update electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems
If you have an older home with copper pipes, 60-amp wires or old oil tanks, consider upgrading these to today’s standards. Insurance companies will breathe a sigh of relief if they know your home is using the most up-to-date core systems.

Convert your wood-burning fireplace
Who doesn’t love to sit in front of a cozy, warm fire on a cold winter’s night? Insurance companies, that’s who. While they can be incredibly comfortable (and even romantic) they raise the risk of home fires and could raise your premium. Consider converting it to gas or propane.

Homeowners insurance in St. Augustine (or any other area around the country) shouldn’t drain your pocketbook. Talk to your representative about how to lower your rates based on your particular needs.

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