The Advancing Technology Behind Braces In Beverly Hills

Many people are surprised when they learn that you have multiple choices when it comes to types of invisalign braces in Beverly Hills. Long gone are the days where everyone with dental problems is forced to wear uncomfortable metal braces that hurt their teeth and cut into their gums. Not only has the technology behind the braces improved, but it has diversified as well. Here are a few of your options when choosing braces in Beverly Hills.

Lingual Braces

If you are the type who is embarrassed by the idea of wearing braces, then lingual braces are a possibility. They aren’t necessarily more effective than traditional braces, but they are placed differently. They are usually manufactured with the same metal bracket technology. The big difference is that the braces are installed behind the teeth instead of in front of the teeth.

Your teeth will benefit from the braces, but nobody has to know that they are there. There are some setbacks associated with the lingual style. For example, they are slightly more difficult to clean and maintain. They may not be an option for those who need severe dental correction. Lingual braces have been largely replaced by Invisalign technology in modern dentistry.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign has become the go-to option during the past decade. They are constructed differently than traditional braces and are nearly invisible. Each tooth is constructed individually and then combined into a single mouthguard. It can be removed easily and at any time. Therefore, it’s possible to eat and drink whatever you like without damaging the braces. Invisalign braces are superior to lingual and traditional braces in almost every way.

As with lingual braces, they are not ideal for patients who suffer from extreme dental problems. The corrective treatment will usually last longer than with traditional braces. However, if you want comfortable, invisible braces in Beverly Hills that can be removed at will, then these are the best option.

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