How To Troubleshoot Furnace Problems Before Calling For Help

Few things are as frustrating as having cold weather finally hit and then your furnace stops working. While there are certainly times when you need to call a professional for heating repair St. Louis, there are also times when you can fix the problem yourself. Here are some DIY tips to save you both time and money.

Check The Flow

It is very easy to block the flow of the vent without realizing it. If the furnace is operating but there does not seem to be enough warm air flowing through the room, there may something as innocuous as a curtain or furniture blocking the register.

Check Settings

Very often, there are times when the correct settings are not engaged. First, make sure the thermostat is set to the “heat” option and place the “fan” option to “on”, or even better, set it to “auto.” After this is done, set the thermostat to a temperature of at least 5 degrees higher than the current temperature. If the furnace is operating properly, the furnace should start and the heat should start flowing. This is a simple procedure to avoid calling heating repair St. Louis.


Just as with anything mechanical, a dirty filter will significantly reduce the efficiency of the device in question. It is a good idea to check the filter once a month and to replace it with a new one when necessary. This will ensure the air can flow freely and will increase the efficiency of the furnace.

If you are in need of professional furnace repair, contact Classic Aire Care at Sitename.

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