The Importance of Family Therapy for Dual Diagnosis Rehab Patients

Family therapy in Minneapolis can be beneficial when a person is participating in rehab for substance abuse. The entire immediate family typically has been affected. In some instances, the patient has recently been diagnosed with a mental health problem that probably contributed to excessive use of alcohol or other mind-altering drugs.

When someone has become addicted to a substance while also dealing with a mental health issue, this is referred to as dual diagnosis. It’s actually relatively common. The mental health problem may have occurred because of alcohol or drug use, but more frequently, the reverse is true. A person is self-medicating, usually not understanding the underlying factor.

Some of the more prevalent conditions connected with this kind of self-medication are generalized anxiety disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. When individuals are undiagnosed and do not receive effective treatment, they seek ways to calm their feelings. Many of these men and women have been taking their drug of choice for years and cannot imagine how to cope without it. Especially if they live with a partner, children or parents, family therapy in Minneapolis can be important for improving the dynamics in the home.

Chemical dependency also may develop in response to post-traumatic stress disorder. Although people generally connect PTSD with combat veterans, psychiatrists and psychologists recognize that other traumatic experience can cause it too. The experience may have occurred in childhood or during the teen years, and the person never was provided with therapy.

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