How to Use Personalized Canvas Prints to Celebrate a Romantic Moment

Whether you’d like to nail the perfect wedding gift, celebrate an anniversary, or blow her away on Valentine’s Day, personalized canvas prints are a beautiful and unique gift. Here are some ways that you can use a personalized canvas to celebrate a romantic moment.

Put Your Vows on Canvas Prints

If you want to celebrate an anniversary or present your bride or groom with a special gift at your wedding, consider having your vows printed on a canvas print. You can choose a photo of the two of you to have your vows printed over, or design something totally unique. You can also create a beautiful wedding-themed triptych by having a photo of your wedding printed on a canvas, and surround it with your vows on one canvas and your spouse’s vows on the other side.

Have a Love Letter Printed on Canvas

Did you and your spouse exchange love letters during your dating years? Turn some of the most memorable letters into personalized canvas prints for your bedroom or private study. This is a lovely way to surround your loved one with a reminder of your love at all times. Other ideas like this would be to have the words to your special song printed on a canvas, or quotes from a movie or book that you bonded over together.

Go Classic with a Monogram

One of the most classic ways to personalize artwork is to display your monogram, your wedding date, or your names. This is a lovely way to decorate an entryway, dining room, or to place over a mantle in your home. This can make a beautiful Christmas gift for a family that is celebrating their first Christmas as a married couple together.

Design Your Family Rules

If your family has a few “rules” that you always follow, such as loving each other unconditionally, or always laughing together before bed, design a personalized canvas print that shows off your family’s personality. This is wonderful for a family that has just welcomed a new child and wants to set a tone for their home right away. Other similar ideas include designing a personalized print around a religious verse or inspirational quote.

At ArtDotz, personalized canvas prints are a lovely way to celebrate the big moments in life. Learn more about our design process online to create your own romantic memories today.

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