Properly Keeping Bed Bugs in Lakewood Away From Personal Belongings

When someone goes on a trip, the likelihood that they will be sleeping in a bed other than their own is great. During an excursion away from home, the need to protect personal belongings will become important to keep the chances of the transfer of Bed Bugs in Lakewood to a minimum. Here are some tips that should be used when sleeping in quarters away from home to keep the possibility of bringing bed bugs back to an abode when the trip is over at a minimum.

Take Time To Inspect The Bed

It is important to do a complete evaluation of the bed before it is used. If small, brown, flat insects are seen on the mattress, headboard, or box spring, it is best to alert the owner of the bed so it can be treated as necessary. The bed should not be used so bed bugs do not cause injuries. It is also important to be on the lookout for rust-colored stains on bedding and the bed itself. These indicate that others were victims of these pests in the past.

Keep Personal Belongings Contained

Instead of removing personal belongings from suitcases to place in dressers or on tabletops, it is best to keep them inside the luggage instead. Placing items on a bed where these insects are present can lead to the bugs burrowing in cracks or folds, possibly allowing for the insects to be carried back to a new home. It is best to have a few garbage bags on hand to place dirty clothing in when it is no longer being worn. These bags can stay in a suitcase as well.

Clean Items After Returning

When someone returns home from a trip, cleaning personal items right away will be best. All bags in a suitcase can be brought into a home, and clothing can be put in a washing machine immediately. Suitcases should be placed in trash bags themselves, secured, and kept outside for several days. This will kill any Bed Bugs in Lakewood from the exteriors of suitcases so they do not make their way to the into a home.

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