Important Information on Residential Water Testing in West Bend, WI

Water is the lifeline of planet earth. Unfortunately, industrial and technological advances have made some sources of water toxic. Even more common are sources of drinking water that are slightly toxic but legal enough to serve to the general population. Because of this, you should look into residential water testing in West Bend, WI.

Why You Should Get Your Water Tested

All sources of drinking water in the USA have contaminants. Thanks to a long history of disregarding the earth for profits, industry and tech have compromised much of the country’s fresh water, even those sources administered by local governments. In other words, your water, although legal, will still be contaminated, as there is no such thing as a 100-percent-safe source of potable water.

Types of Water Tests Available

There are a variety of water tests available to you that can pick up all manner of contaminants, including bacteria, nitrates, chloride and other noxious chemicals. Many consumers get the basic potable water test, which is especially recommended for those drinking well water. Keep in mind that potability doesn’t necessarily mean contaminant-free water.

How Often to Test

If you’re on a well, then you should test your water annually. And if your water comes from a shallow well, then seasonal testing should be implemented, because shallow pools are more easily contaminated. Additionally, make sure to test at the tap and the source to detect any potential pipe contamination.

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