Professional Painting Contractors in Columbus

Homeowners often attempt to fix and repair different items around their homes and property. Instead of hiring landscapers, homeowners will attempt to mulch, plant trees, and shape their property. Other homeowners will redesign their home’s interior rather than hiring a professional designer. Many do-it-yourself projects can be very successful and save you money. However, most homeowners who have attempted to paint their home quickly regret it. Professional painting contractors in Columbus have the experience and equipment to paint your home well so you do not regret your DIY project results.


Cabinets are expensive. Over time, the wear and tear may cause their original look to fade. Professional painting contractors in Columbus such as JNG Painting & Decorating LLC can restain, refinish, and touch up your cabinets so they look new. Are you changing your kitchen design? Are you moving from a country brown to a modern black? You can order any finish to go with your new look. Professional painters will supply the paint, finish, and labor to revamp your kitchen.

Choosing the Best Interior Color

You may have wonderful ideas about the new colors you want for your home’s walls. Do you love a deep orange to go with your fall decor or a bright yellow? Are you thinking about dark blue, lavender, or purple? If you are having a hard time deciding or cannot choose which color will go best with your interior layout, a professional paintingcontractorcan help advise you on which colors will best suit the room. For example, dark colors will make a space appear smaller while lighter colors brighten a room. If the room you are painting has very little natural light, they may suggest you choose a color on the lighter side. They can show you their portfolio of similar rooms, colors, and how the product looked when completed.

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