Important Steps for Physical Rehabilitation in Marlton, NJ

Many people suffer heinous injuries in accidents that leave them in their bed for several months. The human body is designed for activity, so lack of movement for a sustained period of time often causes issues. Instead of allowing the person to walk around freely, they must undergo a comprehensive program designed for physical rehabilitation in Marlton, NJ. If you or your loved one has sustained a serious injury, it is vitally important that you sign up for a rehabilitation program. Here are some important steps for rehabilitation that a person will have to go through.


The number one step for physical rehabilitation is to regain the use of your essential muscles and start walking and moving again. To do this, you will be asked to undergo a comprehensive program that is supervised by experienced physical therapists. You can browse our website if you want to know more about how the program works. The therapists will first try and make you take small steps towards walking during the day with assistance, until your body is capable of holding its own weight.

Physical Exercising

Once you are able to walk around on your own, the physical rehabilitation program will be amped up, and you will slowly be put through different kinds of physical exercise regimens. With the passage of time, your muscles will continue to strengthen and your body will become stronger. Most rehabilitation programs usually vary in the duration, with some taking up to a month, while others can last for six to eight months at least. The therapists will create a dedicated plan for rehabilitation, and will also track the patient’s progress to ensure that they are able to get back up on their feet quickly.

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