What Are the Services Involved With Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH?

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Health

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Occupational health is a field of healthcare that is focused on helping employees stay healthy and free of injuries. There are many services that encompass Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH and employees need to be aware of these services so they will know what is available to them. With the following information, individuals will learn more about occupational health and the services and benefits it offers.

Services Available Through Occupational Health

There are a wide array of services that are available through Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH. These services are primarily geared towards the health and wellness of employees so companies can rest assured their employees are healthy and strong enough to perform their job duties.

  • Physical exams are one of the services provided in occupational health. These examinations may be carried out as a pre-screening for employment or as a part of health checks required by a company to ensure their workforce is healthy.
  • Random testing services are also included, such as for drugs and alcohol. Employers want to be sure their employees are working without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol which can make the work environment dangerous.
  • Immunizations are also provided by these services to ensure employees are properly vaccinated and protected against diseases and viruses that could make employees ill.
  • Occupational medicine seeks to treat injured employees and help them get back to their normal level of physical activity.
  • Occupational health services also include physical therapy to help employees who have suffered a work-related injury so they can overcome their pain and any mobility concerns.
  • Medical specialists are available to treat medical conditions and injuries that result from employment. These services can include testing, surgery, and other treatments.

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