Important Tips for Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX

A strong foundation is critical for physical stability of your house. When the foundation weakens, it reduces the ability of the house to withstand heavy storms and other difficult weather conditions. That is why it is important to always carry out minor maintenances and Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX early before major cracks start showing. Here are simple tips for maintenance and repair of your home foundation.


One of the major causes of soil heaving is poor drainage near the house’s foundation. If the ground near the foundation is lower than the rest of the home, water collects there causing the foundation to weaken. Any time there are heavy rains, inspect all the ground within five feet of the foundation. Regrade any area you find small water ponds forming. This will help to ensure rain water drains away from the foundation. In addition, have downspouts direct away water from the ground near the foundation.

Watering in Dry Periods

You should keep the moisture content of the soil adjacent to the foundation constant. This prevents wide variations between moisture content under the foundation and that of the soil near it. In dry periods, remember to water the soil regularly. Don’t wait for cracks to appear before starting a watering program.


Trees like Weeping Willow, Mesquite and Cottonwood have a root system that is shallow and extensive. Such trees take a lot of water from the soil as they grow. If your foundation is shallow, the roots can grow under it. As they increase in width, they may cause an upheaval of the beam of the foundation. Use the ultimate height of a tree to determine distance from the foundation to grow a tree. Generally, it is advisable that the distance from the foundation to the tree should be more than the ultimate height of the tree.

Following these tips for Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX will help maintain a strong foundation of your house. In case you had a foundation repair problem before, they will help prevent its reoccurrence. However, don’t limit yourself to these methods alone. Inquire from a foundation repair contractor or check on websites like When you browse this site, you will find more tips that will help you mainatain your home foundation better.

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