Learn to Treat Cancer Pain with Massage Therapy Schools in AZ

Massage has many uses: relaxation, mobility, rehabilitation, etc. Students who train at any of the massage therapy schools  in AZ will also learn another benefit of massage: treating pain associated with cancer. The FDA does NOT condone relying on massage therapy as an exclusive treatment for cancer, but many physicians recommend massages to some of their patients for the benefits of physical relaxation and mental refreshment.

What Causes Cancer Pain?
The American Cancer Society says that, “Pain is most often caused by the cancer itself” (ACS, 2014). The growing tumor pushes around the organs and tissue surrounding it, resulting in internal pain for the patient. Additional pain includes the discomfort associated with chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Additionally, a cancer diagnosis is undeniably stressful, and the human body is designed to react to stress by tensing up. Chronic muscle tensing is as much a source of pain to patients with cancer as in those without it.

What Do Students in Massage Therapy Schools AZ Learn to Treat Cancer Pain?
The modalities that students in Massage Therapy Schools AZ learned can also be used for cancer patients. The main difference is that the massage therapist must use extra communication to determine the client’s needs and limitations prior to, during, and after the massage is complete.

Swedish massage is an ideal choice for patients experiencing pain as a result of the tumor. The strokes, percussion, and pressure that a Swedish massage applies to the patient’s muscles helps promote circulation and relax the muscles.

What are the Possible Complications?
Massage therapy is often added as an ancillary treatment, along with protocol cancer treatment, by the patient’s physician. Some patients should exercise caution with massage therapy, especially if the patient is experiencing low platelet counts as a result of chemotherapy. They may be prone to bruising as a result of a massage, which may cause complications if the bruise dislodges into the blood stream.

Other complications include patients with range-of-motion problems as a result of the cancer. These patients will need to communicate with their massage therapist to let them know that certain limbs should not be manipulated because it can cause damage.

Healing the Whole Patient with Massage Therapy Schools AZ
The American Cancer Society recommends low intensity massages for cancer patients to help with symptom management. The increase in circulation may help curb the nausea induced by chemo, and the relaxation can aid in stress relief.

Massage is more than just pressure on muscles to relief stress: it is a way to encourage positive thoughts and reflection while the client is floating in a moment of pure relaxation. Students  learning at any of the massage therapy schools  inAZ learn to treat the entire patient with a curriculum that teaches not just superior massage techniques, but communication and ethics for the benefit of special patients like these.

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