Independent Living, Assisted Living: Companionship in Glen Head

One of the most important benefits of making your home in an independent-living community or an assisted-living setting is having individuals of similar age with similar interests in the same place. Of course, there are many benefits other than companionship when you choose a quality facility, including help with meal preparation, healthcare assistance, housekeeping help, and much more.

Start with This Information

You can learn a lot about the outstanding care and services available when you talk to the professionals at The Regency Assisted Living, (516) 674-3007. Not only will they take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about living arrangements but they’ll be happy to schedule a no-obligation tour. The caring, experienced staff will help you transition to your new home that offers an array of activities, all the amenities you want and deserve, and, of course, the all-important companionship in Glen Head.

You can live independently with complete peace of mind knowing that you have help nearby should you ever need it. When you consult with a member of the team, be sure to discuss the need for ongoing assisted-living services, temporary respite, and much more. You’ll also have access to learning opportunities, socialization opportunities, laundry, enjoyable outings, excellent medical services, and, of course, senior companionship.

Schedule a Tour

Why not visit the website today to learn more and schedule a tour? You’ll also be able to find information to help you make a decision when you request a brochure.

There’s plenty of information about veterans’ programs as well as all you need to know about short-term respite retreats and respite stays with the goal of giving seniors a chance to enjoy and experience assisted living on a temporary basis. Make the call today and be sure to ask questions. You’ll always get honest, caring answers. You can follow them on Twitter for more news and updates!

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