Where To Find Casting Lead Ingots

Finding quality lead ingots is more challenging today than in the past, but there are still top manufacturers offering ingots in various sizes and in various alloys. These companies manufacture casting lead ingots their facilities, with these ingots often used in the plumbing and roofing trades.

There is also a demand for casting lead ingots in marine building and construction as well as in the manufacturing of machine parts, cable manufacturing and in batteries as well as in the production of specific types of components used in computers and other electronics.

Advantages of Buying From the Manufacturer

Ideally, any business should make it a priority to purchase casting lead ingots directly from the manufacturing company. There are several reasons why this is the most recommended option, starting with the price consideration.

Purchasing through a general contractor supply means adding a middleman to the pricing equation. While the addition may not be significant for just a few ingots, if it is a large or ongoing order, this additional cost can add up.

Quality and purity of the lead ingots are other concerns to consider. By choosing a reputable, established lead fabricator and supply company, companies can choose from 99.7 and 99.9 percent pure lead ingots. Often imported ingots do not maintain those levels of purity, which will cause challenges when melting down the ingots and using in the application.

Finally, it is essential to ask about the ability to fill orders with short turnaround times. Usually, contract supply companies have limited on-hand inventory, which may mean a delay in large volume orders of days or weeks. By ordering from the manufacturer, shipping of large orders or pickup is often possible the same day of the order. Additionally, with multiple locations across the USA, shipping costs can be reduced, another cost-saving factor to consider.

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