Information About Buying Mulch From Mulch Suppliers In Connecticut

Mulching serves several purposes such as enhancing the appearance of your yard and helping to prevent the growth of weeds. If you have questions about mulching, read the information below before visiting Mulch Suppliers in Connecticut to purchase your mulch.

Q.) Does adding mulch to flower beds make the plants healthier?

A.) Adding mulch to your flower beds will help to improve the health of your plants. Mulch helps to keep the moisture in the ground so the roots of your plants won’t dry out. During the hot season of the year, mulch keeps the ground temperature cooler for your plants. As mulch degrades over time, it adds healthy nutrients to your soil and plants. Mulching keeps your trees and plants safe from the weed trimmer and lawn mower blades.

Q.) How many inches of mulch is required for flower beds and around trees?

A.) You only need about two or three inches of mulch around your trees and plants for the maximum benefit. If you’re adding a top layer to existing mulch, one inch of new mulch will suffice. Before purchasing your mulch, measure the length and width of your flower bed and multiply these numbers together to get the square footage. When purchasing your mulch from Mulch Suppliers in Connecticut, an experienced employee can help you determine how much mulch you need based on your total square footage.

Q.) What are some helpful tips for using mulch?

A.) Dig out your flower bed and place your edging material around the perimeter. Clear out the weeds, leaves and debris from the inside of the flower bed. Place landscape fabric inside of the flower bed and spread the mulch on top. Use a rake to spread the mulch evenly on your flower bed. When adding plants to your flower bed, push away the mulch before digging down into the dirt. Wait until the seedlings sprout and begin growing before pushing the mulch back into place around the flowers.

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