Quality Sand in Hartford, CT for Construction and Landscaping

Sand is an important component in many construction projects, although most consumers never see it. Sand is placed deep under many projects to ensure that water drains properly. When a driveway contractor installs a new driveway, he excavates the area to the proper depth to ensure the driveway is flush with the lawn. Quality Sand in Hartford CT, is the first material placed in the excavated area. The sand layer will keep the water moving under the driveway to prevent frost heaves. Without the proper drainage layer the paved surface would fail quickly.

Walkways, roads and other paved surfaces also rely on sand to maintain their integrity. Steep slopes that border drainage ponds and roads also need to be stabilized. Instead of using grasses and other plant materials that can fail during droughts, engineers can use a coarse blend. Consumers may be used to seeing these on the sides of golf course sand traps. Greenskeepers are very strict about the type of Quality Sand in Hartford CT, they use to construct the main body a sand trap. Individual grains should measure from .25 mm to 1.00 mm and should have a reliable texture. The sand should not get crusty on the top layer or be too soft.

The experts at Dunning Sand & Gravel are always read to help contractors and other professionals select the best sand for their needs. In addition to sands that can’t be seen, they have a wide selection of decorative sand and gravel. Landscapers can use these to create attractive drainage areas for gutter systems and downspouts. It’s important that landscaping near the home ensures roof drainage be deposited at least 15 inches from the home’s foundation. This prevents water from building up in the soil near it. When soil becomes waterlogged it can push against the foundation and cause it to crack.

Employees at the company know how to coordinate with local contractors so the sand arrives when they need it. The family-owned business has transformed itself into a green company. The company used to get its sand through mining. Now all of its products come from recycling. Today, the company carries over 50 different types of sand.

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