Is it Really Worth it to Get a Central A/C Unit for Cooling in Harrisburg, PA?

There are several ways to bring comfortable air to a home or building that needs Cooling in Harrisburg PA. Which one is best depends on how much area needs to be cooled and just how cold it needs to get. This means that the cooling needs of large buildings can be surprisingly small, while a relatively small house may end up with what seems to be a fairly big air conditioner.

Cooling a Small Room

It’s not the size of the entire building that’s important when deciding cooling needs, but instead, the size of the area to be cooled. A large warehouse that is allowed to go to the outdoor temperature but needs to have an air-conditioned office won’t need the giant cooling plant that would normally be expected. In homes, someone may decide to cool a bedroom while leaving the rest of the house warmer. Either way, a window unit will work for cooling a small area.

Cooling Anything More

When it’s time to bring air conditioning to a large room or an entire structure, it’s also time to get serious about what kind of machine to use for Cooling in Harrisburg PA. Central air conditioning is far more efficient on a per-BTU basis than window air conditioners, so if you want to cool more than a bedroom or office-sized area, it’s best to go with one of these units. Their powerful blower motors will send comfortable air throughout the area, while a window unit’s fan is easily overwhelmed even by areas the size of small living rooms.

One of the reasons central air systems are more efficient is that powerful fan. It allows large volumes of air to be cooled fast enough that the unit will get a chance to shut off. A window unit, on the other hand, will blow all day long on hot days without ever reaching the set temperature. Running any kind of machine constantly will cause shocking high electricity bills, and the more current the machine draws, the worse the effect will be. It won’t take long for a central air conditioning unit to pay for itself as it provides truly adequate Cooling in Harrisburg PA.

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