Is Recessed Lighting the Best Choice?

Many people are upgrading to recessed lighting these days, in residential and commercial applications. If you make the changeover, you might need new lights or a low profile socket set. But is this kind of lighting the best choice for your needs? Here is information to help you decide.

What is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is designed to take up less space than standard lighting. For example, instead of installing a standard ceiling light with a typical electrical box designed for ceiling fixtures, you can install your new lights flush with the ceiling. In fact, some recessed lights are above ceiling level. These lights often use materials like a low profile socket set and special frames and mounts.


Headspace is a very important consideration in homes or businesses. For example, suppose you are remodeling and finishing your basement. A typical basement ceiling may have about seven feet of headroom. However, if you choose to install a suspended ceiling, your headspace may be much less. If you install standard ceiling lights, they may get in the way, and people may run into them. Yet, recessed lighting does not interfere with headspace.

Good Places for Recessed Lighting

Besides basements, you may have a home theatre, and recessed lights work well there. They do not cause problems with your entertainment equipment. Recessed lights are easier on the eyes than standard lighting, and with dimmers, they are the perfect kind of light.


A good source of light overhead is invaluable in the shower. However, you need a waterproof light. Waterproof recessed lighting is the best choice. It is very durable, and you can buy replacement low profile socket set parts when upgrading or making repairs. Your lighting experts are there to help you with all your needs.

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