Ask the Right Questions Before Decorating an Apartment in Knoxville

One of the joys of moving out is the ability to make your new space your own. Many young people going to university are excited to get an apartment and think in advance how they are going to paint it, decorate it, and make it uniquely theirs. One thing that young people will want to consider before getting their first apartments close to UTK campus is whether the lease allows them to decorate.

Some leases have clauses that clearly stipulate that landlords must provide tenants with written permission before the tenant is able to paint or decorate. This could include things as simple as hanging up new pictures on the wall. In some cases, tenants can hang up pictures on the walls, but they are not allowed to use nails.

Some apartments close to UTK campus may require a down payment that is going to later be used to repair any damage in the home. Tenants should expect that the cost of repainting, repairing nail holes, and undoing any decorations they might have done could be deducted from their damage deposit. All of this will likely be stipulated in the lease.

If there is ever a doubt about whether a tenant is permitted to decorate, a simple phone call to the landlord should answer the question. If there is any doubt about whether what the landlord says is backed up in the lease, there is no problem with asking the landlord to put their permission down in writing.

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