Keep Your Equipment Compliant with a Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Billings, MT

Fire safety equipment is essential to protecting your property. You must keep your equipment in good operating condition, however. A fire extinguisher inspection in Billings, MT, is necessary to maintain safety in your business property.

Physical Damage

Even though you don’t use your fire extinguisher regularly, it can be damaged over time. Part of your fire extinguisher inspection in Billings, MT, involves checking the canister and components for physical signs of damage. Your inspector will note imperfections and recommend repairs. You should check your fire extinguishers between professional inspections and alert your fire protection service for a professional opinion.


The pressure inside a fire extinguisher is critical to its operation. Over time, this pressure decreases, resulting in ineffectiveness. Your fire extinguisher inspection in Billings, MT, will check the current pressure. If it’s too low, your fire protection service can sometimes repressurize the canister to extend its use. In some situations, they may recommend replacing it instead.

Ensure Optimal Safety

Your employees and customers deserve to feel safe on your property. Fire extinguishers ensure your staff can manage fires quickly until the fire department arrives. If your fire protection equipment doesn’t work well, however, you put everyone and your structure at risk. Regular fire extinguisher inspections in Billings, MT, ensures your equipment is functional and will protect your property, employees, and customers.

If you need a fire extinguisher inspection in Billings, MT, visit Summit Fire & Security to schedule an appointment.

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