Steps Required for Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Fort Worth

Strategically placed fire extinguishers are a valuable asset to protect your business if a fire occurs. Once you place fire extinguishers, you must keep them in good condition so they’re always ready to use. Routine fire extinguisher inspections in Fort Worth will keep your fire protection components in good working order.

Check for Tampering

Your fire extinguishers may be susceptible to damage due to intentional tampering or accidental bumps or drops. One of the first steps for a fire extinguisher inspection in Fort Worth is to check for evidence of damage. If you notice anything is amiss, a professional fire protection service can provide a more comprehensive assessment and necessary repairs.

Check the Pressure

Fire extinguishers require a specific amount of pressure to operate correctly. During your fire extinguisher inspection in Fort Worth, you should check the pressure gauge on the canister. The pressure should read within the green range. If it doesn’t, it’s time to replace or recharge your fire extinguisher.

Evaluate the Location

A critical aspect of the fire extinguisher inspection in Fort Worth is evaluating the location of each piece of equipment. Fire extinguishers should be stored in convenient locations where the fire risk is more significant. You also need to keep them easily accessible. Ensure the area is clear to ensure your employees can quickly grab and use it.

If you need a professional fire extinguisher inspection in Fort Worth, visit Summit Fire & Security to schedule an appointment.

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