Keep Your Family Safe From Radon With A Mitigation System In Pittsburgh, PA

To keep your family safe, have your home checked for radon. Radon is a naturally occurring gas in the earth. The problem with radon is that it is radioactive. If the radon in your home is 4.0 pCi/L or more, you should have a Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA, installed. When you levels are 4.0 pCi/L for a year, it’s comparable to receiving over 200 x-rays a day. Radon is also a suspected cause of lung cancer.

A radon mitigation company can test for radon and conduct a free inspection. An inspection consists of:

  • The location of your thermal bypasses.
  • Inspection of block leaks and wall to floor joint leaks.
  • Checking the footers or slabs.
  • Inspection of your sump pump.
  • Check the plumbing penetrations and floor drains.

A Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA, can be designed for your home. This may entail sealing leaks in the basement and installing duct work and a fan. The ductwork and fan can be discreetly placed. There are different types of systems, such as an exterior radon system, attic radon system, passive radon system, and crawlspace radon system.

An exterior system has the pressurized components of the system outside of your home. An attic radon system is installed in your attic and helps to mitigate freezing and thawing cycles. The fan would have to be installed in the attic as well. A passive radon system can be installed in new homes or buildings. It consists of a gas permeable layer of gravel under the concrete slab. It also contains a suction pipe which can be extended through interior walls and through the roof. A crawlspace radon system incorporates a durable vapor barrier and is sealed to be airtight.

Radon gas can enter any home or building. If you’re purchasing or selling a home, have a radon problem corrected. When you have a Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA, installed in your home, the work is warranted. You don’t have to have the radon level tested for two years. Any home with higher levels of radon can be immediately corrected by the radon mitigation system installation. Don’t leave your family at risk, have your radon levels checked today.

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