Tips for Building Design and Fall Protection in Your Company

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Safety Equipment Supplier

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Building Design and Fall Protection are things that every business should take seriously. Whether your building has been standing for years or it is just being built, it is important to make safety a high priority. Many companies take safety seriously enough to bring in experts in the field. These experts can often spot dangers that you may not notice. Often in both businesses and homes, dangerous situations exist without notice until something goes wrong. Bringing in a professional will help to ensure that you meet all of OSHA’s safety requirements. The result will be work place with fewer accidents and fewer insurance claims. Read on for some helpful tips to keep your business safe.

Things to look for

When it comes to Building Design and Fall Protection there are many things that you should look for. Flooring or carpeting that is raised up is an accident waiting to happen. Extension cords and wires stretched across work areas result in many falls each year. These are all things that can be easily seen and fixed. Keep your eye out and fix such issues as soon as possible. Add more outlets if they are needed.

Comfort and Safety

Both overhead and task lighting are musts for any office. Keeping the area well lit is also an important safety measure.

Clean air is something else to consider. Even something as simple as having new carpet put in or buying new furniture can result in air pollution. Anyway who has had a new carpet put into their home can attest to the fact that new carpet often gives off an unpleasant odour. Air filters can help with this. If your employees work with chemicals be sure that they have masks, goggles and appropriate safety gear.

Clearly mark wet floors. Wet floors equal slippery floors.

An objective look around almost any business will turn up areas that can be made safer. Encourage workers to practice good safety measures. Many companies hold contests with prizes. If the company goes without an accident for a certain amount of time, the workers are rewarded. This is a wonderful way to get everyone working together. Visit for further details.

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