Keep Your Hardwood Floors Squeaky Clean

by | May 15, 2018 | Kitchen cleaning

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Hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful and durable floors you can own. To keep them looking beautiful, however, it is important to clean them properly. Some cleaners can strip the stain or leave the floors looking streaked. For this reason, it is very important to use a cleaner made especially for hardwood floors.

The best hardwood floor cleaners remove dirt without stripping the stain or creating a slippery surface. These cleaners have the right balance of oil and detergent to provide a clean surface that does not dry out the wood.

Choose hardwood floor cleaners that are environmentally friendly, as well as safe for your floors. There is no reason to use harsh chemicals on hardwood floors. Chemicals can damage the wood and stain, and are not safe for your family and pets, either.

Once you find the right hardwood floor cleaner, you will likely notice that you do not have to clean your floors very frequently. Unless you have very dirty foot traffic, hardwood floors clean up quickly and stay clean with regular vacuuming. Mopping with hardwood floor cleaner once a week is usually sufficient.

Choose concentrated hardwood floor cleaners to help ensure you get the best value for your money. With concentrates, you buy fewer bottles and can make your own refills quickly and easily. Simply add a container of concentrate to the empty bottle, and then finish filling the bottle with water to make a new container of cleaner.

Once you find the perfect hardwood floor cleaner, it is easy to ensure that your floors stay clean and beautiful, even if you have a busy family and pets. This investment in your home is one that you can maintain easily if you have the right tools to help you.

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