Kitchen Design Options To Highlight Granite Countertops

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Some of the most in-demand options for countertops in custom homes, dream homes and for home renovations in Apple Valley are granite countertops. They provide a rich elegance, durability, and options in colors and patterns that are an ideal match for any kitchen décor and color scheme.

When designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen, there are some options to consider that will add to both the visual appeal as well as the practical nature of the design. It is important to take the time during the design phase to ensure the end result will be a kitchen space with beautiful granite countertops that offers all the features and options you need.

Countertop Area and Layout

To maximize the look of any color or design of granite countertops, creating longer and wider countertops that are not interrupted with appliances and other features is important.

Larger areas of granite will allow the patterns and colors to really pop in the space. It also provides more practical surface areas for food preparation and even for serving if you have a kitchen counter and bar type of combination. This is a great option in a large kitchen where the separate countertop area with seating can accommodate the whole family.


To add to the countertop space as well as the seating, serving and food prep areas, islands are always a popular choice. With the designs today, islands can include a wide range of features from indoor grills and cooking areas to sinks and even areas to entertain. Newer designs tend to be one level on the surface, adding to the classic design and practical surface area.

The island is also a great option to display the granite. This adds a complete look any Apple Valley kitchen with the granite colors and features coordinating throughout the space. Placing the island centrally in the kitchen draws the attention to the countertop and then directs attention around the room, creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

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