Learn How the UV Printer Changed the Printing Industry

Whether you are in the printing business or just printing for business, you are always looking for the opportunity to save money without sacrificing quality; advances in the printing industry continue to make this possible.

UV printers are an increasingly popular piece of equipment for printing needs everywhere, and they serve as a very practical, oftentimes preferred method for jobs of all sizes.

The UV Printing Process

Simply put, the “UV” stands for “ultraviolet,” referring to ultraviolet light. The printers use an especially reactive ink that when exposed to UV light converts more or less to a solid. The process is called “curing”, and the end result is a higher-quality connection between the base material, and the graphic.

How Does This Differ From Traditional Printing?

A UV printer completely transforms the printing process in a variety of ways.

*     The process allows you to bond ink to materials where doing so would have been difficult before.
    A UV printer speeds up the process in more ways than one.

       *     No more pre-coating
       *     No more laminating
       *     Faster dry times
        *     Overall faster production

    Higher-quality color saturation
*     Several layers of color at once
*     Resistance to wear, and tear

For a business, owning a UV printer comes with its own set of benefits. From electric bill savings to atmospheric contamination, you can increase output while functioning more efficiently.

From Poster Boards to Office Doors

UV printers are able to accommodate a variety of objects. They have adjustable components that can be raised or lowered for varying thicknesses. They can also print on an extensive number of surfaces including woods, metals, foam, acrylics,, and a world of other things.

For frequent printers, transitioning to UV printing could open up doors for both creative, and business opportunities.

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