Let Your Business Show Some Style by Using Commercial Wood Doors

When you walk through the door to your office, what do you see? Most people rarely notice, but a lot of the time you are opening and closing commercial wood doors designed to maintain your safety. Commercial grade, wood doors come in several tiers like standard duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty. These are not specific ratings, but typical guidelines based on the expected usage of the doors. Standard duty doors are generally installed in areas where the frequency of usage is fairly low. Consequently, these doors meet lowest minimum standards. Heavy duty doors are normally used for office areas or spaces where the door will see a moderate amount of traffic. Extra heavy duty doors are those which are used in places with a lot of traffic. These doors are designed to take the most abuse and maintain their looks while doing so.

One of the reasons for using commercial wood doors is atmosphere. Wood has an inviting presence that leaves the impression that you have style and taste. This can be very important when making business deals or impressing new customers. To that end, you can get wood doors in a variety of finishes and veneers. Don’t be disappointed if you thought that commercial doors were solid wood. While these items can still be found, they don’t match the level of quality that custom faced, wood doors provide. Even more importantly, solid wood doors can’t handle a fire at all, but properly designed commercial grade doors have fire ratings up to ninety minutes. This rating depends on the thickness of the fire resistant core the door is made from.

Construction materials and grades will vary by manufacturer and type of door. For instance, you can get doors that have a core made from a particle board core (PC), staved lumber core (SLC), structural composite lumber (SCLC), fire resistant composite (FD) and the ubiquitous hollow core. Veneers have a default and custom grade that comes in plain sliced, rotary, rift and quarter cut. Transoms can be matched or not based on the desired quality. You also have the choice of environmental options such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, the use of recycled content or rapidly renewable materials. Let your business show a little class with the use of commercial doors. To know more Click Here.

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